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Music From Another Land

by Shueh-li Ong

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LYRICS: Strange inflections flood my day Ambivalence in that hazy way So surreal when the light fills So still when the dust befalls I am blinded knowlingly To recognise your modality What daylight hasn't shown me It's the same groove coursing through our veins Music from another land! Strange connections flood my day Indifference is just not my way So real that you feel How I thrill when the music sways My ears not knowingly Recognise our polarity What my eyes haven't shown me We have the same roots coursing through our veins. Music from another land! [J Martinez quotes a line from Sabor Ami]
I'm A Simian 03:22
LYRICS: I'm a simian, that's what I am, likeness incipient Also a prescient, I am what I am It's a conundrum, that's what I am, my mental function Here and ever after, I am what I am. He's the toast of the town, the one we found A welcome phenomenon, we found A quintessential noun we found The toast of the town we found!
Lovers Tears 03:49
Palindrome 04:23
LYRICS: Look life from both sides to see, a shadow from of the past in the present light Do you reach the end just to find it should begin at the start And why work to change the future and shape the now bygone When time is merely a palindrome. Do you see the face of Jekyll in the mirror of Mr Hyde Tell me are we to be a servant or a savant of one's own life And why be so fastidious when history books berate all lies It's just a palindrome, a palindrome. Tell me Timega the secret you hold Does eugenics create each new fold Are you the architect from the start or are we at the helm of control? Subvert the rules of creation and change the laws of mother time Break from old tradition to fabricate a new paradigm Arrogate succession and sound the next in line It's all a palindrome, a palindrome. It's hold on our emotions and all of our decisions you'd be surprised Possessing no shape or form its tenacious rule stands the test of our time When existence is never odd or even, it's attempts to break away from our minds It's all a palindrome, just a palindrome.
LYRICS: (It is subliminal in its message that "we all bleed".) Close your eyes and count to ten It's the rules that do not bend 11 x 11, add them in between And do not maim the one who's been Slowly we unwind and take in the sights The same terra but just a few inches above the line X&Y do not defer We share the same starting point But deep in the mind, that’s where we define
Tamorgano 03:35
LYRICS: I see it in your eyes, my paradise Show me the stone you carry Tightly round your neck, you idolise it The foundation is heavy At a tender time you fantasize, four mirrors are what you're facing At your journey's end to paradise, will you still recognise me?
Robolution 04:55


Shueh-li's sophomore effort writing and recording under the Xenovibes name!

Liner Notes : Music From Another Land assembles more of Shueh-li's style of sung songs and instrumental compositions that bring together classical, ethic, rock and electronica sounds, but this time with a trip into psychedelic rock and latin rhythms.
In this veritable sonic melange; the title track of XV II celebrates diverse musical cultures. XV II also celebrates the spirit of live performance.

"Is very well produced! It’s not uncommon to hear albums by thereminists that master divinely the instrument but are simply not able to produce themselves.
This is not the case of Shueh-li who really ‘plays’ the studio like a musical instrument itself. Shueh-li is an inspired artist with a solid background who has brought fresh ideas in the theremin field." - ThereminVox, 23 May 2007.

"The music shows very eclectic influences (reminds me of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Neo-Geo concept) and sounds really progressive. I can listen to it the whole day!" - Recordmymind

"No Barriers – The international Synth Pop of Xenovibes.
What do you get when you mix synthesizers, theremins, traditional folk instruments and electronic drums with a multitalented, multicultural, classically trained keyboardist (with a degree in electronic music) and a New York jazz drummer?" - Electronic Musician magazine Interview, Feb 2008.


released October 22, 2007

Shueh-li Ong
Shueh-li Ong

Shueh-li Ong (theremin, synths, synth and percussion programming, sound design, guqin, tin whistle, voice)
John A Martinez (drums)


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Shueh-li Ong Nashville, Tennessee

Shueh-li is an Aussie-born Singapore composer, synthesist, thereminist, and record producer.
She is known for her ability to layer exotic synths with ethnic moods to create bombastic productions and haunting ballads of any style!

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