A Working Title - special edition T

by Shueh-li Ong

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  • After a few years working in theatrical productions and staged concerts, I was confronted by requests for my music on CD. So I assembled "Shueh-li's Xenovibes" - a collection of my eclectic style! 'Xenovibes' became known as a synthpop band.
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  • My sophomore effort writing and recording for Xenovibes!
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  • My 3rd CD written & produced under the Xenovibes concept.
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  • My debut solo album!
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released January 1, 2013

Shueh-li Ong (theremin, synths, programming/sound design/foley, guqin, piano, tin whistle, voice)

Thriller cover :
Christopher Currell (guitar, rhythm programming)
Jeff Bell (voiceover)

A Working Title :
Dean Parks (guitar tracks 8,9,11)
Curtis Randall (bass tracks 8,10)
Tom Brislin (piano track 3)
John A Martinez (drums tracks 8-11)
Mike Brunt (spoken words tracks 5)


all rights reserved



Shueh-li Ong Nashville, Tennessee

Shueh-li is an Aussie-born Singapore composer-synthesist-thereminist-producer.
She layers exotic synths & ethnic moods to create bombastic productions and haunting ballads!

After writing, recording and performing with synthpop band, Xenovibes, which she founded in 2004, she decided a fresh chapter was needed.
Her debut solo album is A WORKING TITLE - SPECIAL EDITION.
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Track Name: I'm Leaving You A Message
Chorus : Interference, you are a bad connection.
Like a droplet in a waterfall, 
Drowning my voice in your noise.

Verse 1 : I sit next to you while you stare at your hand.
I try to talk to you but I’m not getting anywhere.
Something or somebody’s always caught in my way.
I’m leaving you a message “see you one fine day!”

Verse 2 : I try to make polite, our conversation.
About what you’re doing, and the music that you play.
But when the phone rings; you are lost in your own world.
I’m leaving you a message “see you one fine day!”

Bridge ~ Whenever I’m with you, 
you stare at your phone,

Or someone’s on their way,

You’ve got to get home.

But whenever I call,

I have to ‘leave my number at the tone’!

You tell me that your world revolves around me,
Yet whenever I call, 
you’re not on the line for me, I see.

Track Name: Deja Vu - Love Voodoo

Verse 1 : I used to bury my head in my pillow,
And picture a face from the furrow.

Someone who’d share my idea of love, like in a fairytale.
I’m what you call a modern woman,
I can run rings around some men.

Fairytales aren’t for the faint hearted,

Don’t even try to get me started.

Chorus : But you’re solid as a rock.

Deeper than the ocean, braver than the wind.

Solid as a rock.
You’re my deja vu.
Who needs love voodoo.

Verse 2 : I need to get off this locomotion.

Trust no one showing a predilection (to play with my heart).

When things unravel I pick me up,

Put on a smile on my face.

I am what you call a cautious woman (I slow the pace).

If there is magic it won’t be broken (when we’re face to face). 
Fairytales aren’t for the faint hearted,

Don’t even try to get me started.

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