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Shueh​-​li's Xenovibes

by Shueh-li Ong

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I Verity 06:16
LYRICS: Isn't it strange how we gravitated towards each other Like opposite poles yet so alike. Isn't it strange that we hear each other's thoughts Like we were entwined yet barely a month apart. Isn't it strange how we gravitated towards each other Like opposite poles yet so alike. Isn't it strange how our check lists point to each other From the misguided road signs and nasty choices. Isn't it strange that just when I thought I could get no wiser about love You had to prove me wrong. Isn't it strange how just when you thought you were wiser about life I should prove you wrong.
What is time but a passing phase A short story to go our separate ways What is time but a sad, sad, waste Lost days of misery and unanswered prayers. What is time but a passing phrase Just wax lyrical and be amazed What is time but a fashionable craze The alpha and omega of our days. (spoken English) A collection of lessons learnt A tome of malaise A reason for being A worn down statue of paste. (spoken Chinese) Nothing is difficult on this earth If your mind is set.
Aegri Somnia 04:07
LYRICS: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust [another bites] Reflections unspoken with question mark [shatter my mind] It's not easy to accept "no", when all roads point to go. Philistines as sages, more salt than rice [a clever disguise] Left to my own device, I'd shout goodbye [I can make up my mind] Please just give me an inkling, why all roads point to "go"! Life is an Aegri Somnia Dust to dust, things must past Regret what I left behind, oh no Please dilute my mixed emotions, oh no He led me, they led each other, she wanted to go [the writing unwinds] One chapter ends, and another sown [I'm compelled to find] It's not easy to accept "no", when all roads pointed "go"! Life is an Aegri Somnia
Ethnicity 04:18


"After a few years working in theatrical productions and staged concerts, I was confronted by requests for my music on CD.
So I assembled "Shueh-li's Xenovibes"; a collection of my eclectic composition in this first album! Xenovibes became known as a synthpop band when I moved to the U.S.A. to tour the show." ~ Shueh-li

Liner Notes: Shueh-li's musical designs bind the past with the present and her eastern roots with her western influences. This multi-instrumentalist/producer refuses to conform to the stereotypical female musician's choice of tools, boldly fusing the sounds of the Chinese guqin, the Russian theremin, various synthesizers (extended techniques), her voice and countless other magical sounds to evoke her signature "siren songs".

"Unique, driving electronica." - Peter Kirn, CreateDigitalMusic.

"I usually find that when people combine world instruments with pop music, the result is hardly listenable. Shueh-li has managed to combine many styles and instruments to create something very accessible to pop music fans. Reminds me of Basia." - A. Frye, Producer (Charlie Pride)


CDs delivered 30 Dec 2003, Released 8 May 2004 at the show premiere.


released May 8, 2004

Shueh-li Ong
Shueh-li Ong
Shueh-li Ong (theremin, synths, synth and percussion programming, sound design, guqin, tin whistle, voice)
Michael Spicer (flutes, tin whistles)


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Shueh-li Ong Nashville, Tennessee

Shueh-li is an Aussie-born Singapore composer, synthesist, thereminist, and record producer.
She is known for her ability to layer exotic synths with ethnic moods to create bombastic productions and haunting ballads of any style!

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